Fitness Sessions

In today’s game, developing a well-structured tennis fitness program is a essential for any high level tennis tournament competition..

Not only does the stroke production, technique and mental aspect play a part in winning tennis matches, but the fitness level of a player must be accountable for to produce positive results on the tennis court. A tennis fitness program should cover all components of training such as strength, stamina, flexibility, movement, balance, weight, nutrition, strokes and strategy. We follow a well-designed tennis fitness program which focuses on the various aspects of performance, including strength, power, speed, coordination, agility, flexibility, and endurance.

Mental Training Sessions

Mental fitness in tennis is more than just the strokes, physical fitness or the strategies. Every tennis player must be mentally tough and..

capable to win the internal game of every tennis match. The major conflict in certain cases is not the opponent, but rather a player’s own mind. Mental fitness in tennis is not a genetics mechanism. Players are not born with the natural ability to be mentally strong in tennis. The behaviours, attitudes and mind-set of a player are the qualities that makes a tennis player successful. In order to improve tennis mental fitness, we follow a routine refinement of one’s mental skills which helps in making the player mentally strong.

Sessions on Injury Prevention

The growing competition in tennis has resulted in a high number of tournaments. Every player is competing in some or the other tournament

every week, which may lead to overuse injuries, such as shoulder injury, tennis elbow, wrist injuries or ankle injury. An improper or inadequate physical and technique training may be the cause of overuse injuries. To avoid such injuries, we emphases on preventive technique and training routines. We take regular session on injury prevention where we focuses on areas such as correct technique, regular warm up and cool down before and after session, avoiding overexertion of the body,  taking care of previous injury.

Workshops on Nutrition

Proper nutrition is very important for competitive tennis players for an excellent performance on and off the courts. In today’s tennis world..

a player required to be physically and mentally fit enough to compete efficiently, when played at even a moderately high level. Therefore, it is obligatory to exercise proper nutrition habits and lifestyle. Tennis is a very physically demanding sport with no time limitation, even a most fit player can get exhausted and wrung out after a long match. A proper nutrition must focus on high-energy foods, adequate hydration and proper timing of food input. To inculcate such habits we regularly organise different workshops on tennis nutrition in our academy.

Sessions On Strength And Conditioning

To take your tennis to a new level a player has to be physically skilled and injured free. Therefore.

we have designed a world-class strength and conditioning program which ensures every player is healthy and performing to the best of his/her abilities. There are four things that we focus on our strength and conditioning program-

  • Focus on the shoulder (injury prevention & force production)
  • Making sure the player can rotate their torso powerfully
  • Focus on Strength endurance
  • Making the lower body strong
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    Video Analysis

    Video analysis is a scientific way of dissecting a tennis stroke.  Video analysis is of great importance for both a player and the coach..

    as it helps in fixing certain flaws in tennis technique that may be present in a player’s strokes. There are small technicalities in technique that often go missed by the naked eye, since a tennis swing occurs in mere seconds. We practices a regular tennis stroke video analysis that helps converting a problems into perspective. Using tennis video analysis, players can see and visualize their own tennis strokes and compare them with others.

    Match Play Analysis/ Tactical Analysis

    We can focus on your match play or tactical analysis strategy to look at players strokes within competitive situations..

    This helps in identifying the areas of a player’s game that are holding him/her back. Technical analysis becomes easier by watching a player hitting a variety of shots in point-play. Match play analysis also helps in discovering tactics and strategies to find better ways to win more matches and become difficult to beat by analysis videos of a matches played previously against a particular opponent.

    Tournament Travelling

    We have a set of highly professional coaches who regularly travel with our players for their tournaments. Our travelling coaches manage..

    the overall development of the player in tournaments. They ensures pre-match preparation routine is maintained by setting up warm up session and supervise practice sessions by being a high-quality practice partner. They provides on-court strategic coaching and mental strength during matches which helps a player to deal with match pressure and focus on their game. A performance assessments is done by our travelling coach which helps us improving a player’s game.